Dear Friend,

We are two sisters who have similar interests and love to work together. With today's technology it is possible to live many miles apart and still share common work interests and goals. We both work in the area of natural health, wellness and in particular, weight loss.

We all have a ‘picture in our head’ of what ideal weight and perfect health looks like for ourselves. When this picture does not match reality we experience a level of unhappiness. Do you ever look in the mirror and wonder “what happened?” Do you feel a dis-connection to who you really are deep inside? Is it time to take control of your health again and get back in the driver’s seat?

Here is your opportunity to finally lose weight, look great, and feel good. It's time for you to benefit from the personal guidance of a coach who has had personal success with the program, and who has helped many others to achieve their wellness and weight loss goals.

As you already know, the repeated pattern of losing weight, regaining weight, and losing weight again, is a vicious unhealthy cycle. But don't worry. This program stops weight re-gain and avoids this cycle once and for all.

Achieve lasting weight loss success. You can lose weight, you can keep it off, and you can improve how you look and feel.

If you are serious about wanting to lose weight and get healthy, you owe it to yourself to get started. Nothing worth doing is totally easy, but with your commitment and supportive professional help success is guaranteed!

When is a weight loss program worth what you pay for it? When you are clear that you want to regain your life and health….When you've failed with other programs…and ... when it gets you the results you want!

We want to encourage you to do something great for yourself. If we can inspire confidence in you to achieve success, it gives us an opportunity to fulfill our life’s mission …empowering you to transform your relationship to food, your body, and yourself, permanently.

Yours in health and happiness,
Amelia Winsor
Lidia Paice


Amelia and Lidia’s Background:

  • Student of the International Quantum University of Integrative Medicine.
  • Rejuvenation Weight Loss Coach.
  • Certified Biofeedback Specialist.
  • Registered Wellness Coach.
  • Certified Homeo-therapeutic Practitioner.
  • Certified Stress Management Coach.
  • Massage Therapist and Reiki Master.
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In addition, Lidia’s credentials include:

  • Bachelor of Health Education.
  • Senior Faculty Member of the William Glasser Institute.
  • Licensed Spiritual Health Coach.

We Have a Weight Loss Plan for You!

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